Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Happy Birthday
Akira Kurosawa!

Just a quickie newsflash. If Akira Kurosawa, the-absolute-directing-God-of-all-directors, were alive today he would be 100 years old.

To celebrate the great mans life and achievements, Google have put a specially comissioned “Google Doodle” of him on their home page. Unfortunately, due to the usual copyright restrictions, I’m sure I wouldn't be allowed to include an image of it on my blog... but don't let that stop you from heading over to Google right now and checking out their rendition of the great man. Click on the doodle and a ton of Kurosawa links will pop up. I guess this will be up just for today so it’s worth making the effort for this now!

And if you’ve never seen any of his movies... go get one now. There’s not a bad one among them and they’re not ALL about men with big swords chasing other men with big swords... although those ones are truly great too!

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