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NUTS4R2's Cryptic Movie Quiz 2018 - Solution

Annual Cryptic Movie
Quiz Answers

Thanks, as always, to everyone who took part in this year’s Cryptic Movie quiz. As always, it’s much appreciated.

This year we have a joint effort from a team who are, believe it or not, claiming their third victory out of the seven years I’ve been doing this. The last time they won this was the 2015 edition of the quiz. Not only that but, this year they managed to get it sorted within just a couple of days of it going up and got a full house of correct answers... so I guess I may be making this thing too easy.

The winners are:

Alex Kittle


Miles Donovan

Alex Kittle is an amazing artist and one of my all time favourite bloggers. She writes about mainly art nowadays but she knows a humongous amount about the art of film and somehow juggles her day job to make some some great, often movie based, illustrations and designs which she sells as prints, badges, stickers and bags etc. You can follow her on Twitter here and check out her blog here.

Miles Donovan is an artist/designer/blogger who does amazing things with lots of technically complicated 'stuff', again, while holding down his day job. You can follow him on Twitter here and see some of his wonderful creations at his alter ego The Daily Robot here.

As you can see, above is the correctly filled in grid but this is how you arrive at the solutions.

1. How old is this special elevation in the road to lift your vehicle off the ground?
A special elevation in the road is a Ramp. How old is it? That would be its Age. Put them together and you get Rampage.

2. Tie someone up and then recite the letters of their state in the right order.
Tie someone up and they’re Bound. To recite the letters of that word in the correct order would be to Spell it. So we have Hitchcock’s classic film Spellbound.

3. They sliced and scrambled Reg up and added something to stop him being odd.
Well scrumble the letters R-E-G up. If you want to add something to stop it being odd you can add Even to even it up. Add it in the middle of your scrambled word and you get Revenge.

4. I go with the French green.
The French word for green is Vert. Literally add “I go” onto the end and you get another Hitchcock classic, Vertigo.

5. The fourth guy along in the alphabet.
Another name for a guy is Man. The fourth letter along in the alphabet is D. So... ManD... or rather, Mandy.

6. You just make your way up to the top of that chopping instrument.
To make your way up to the top of something you usually Climb. A chopping instrument is an Axe, so... Climax.

7. Like if a distorted, reduced version of a Woody Allen title character came from a continent bounded by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.
Okay, a competely distorted, mangled version of Annie Hall could be Annihill. If she came from a continent bounded by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian oceans she’d be Asian. So... Annihilation.

8. Observing a nasty shade of angry and then getting into an argument at the place which is conducive to your good health.
Okay... quite often when you’re angry you use the euphemism ‘see Red’. A place conducive to good health could be a Spa. If you have an argument there you could be having a Row. So... Red Sparrow.

9. Presumably this is where the alphabet lives.
Well, yeah, the Alphabet has to live in Alphaville, right?

10. Raise an unrelated child on the last day of the working week.
To raise an unrelated child is to Foster them. The last day of the working week is generally considered to be Friday so... Friday Foster.

11. Backslang for an Emu to a ‘t’.
Backslang for Emu would be Mue. Add a ‘t’ in it and you get Mute.

12. The final thing needed to hold up the 13th letter of the alphabet.
The final thing would be the Last thing. The 13th letter of the alphabet is M. Something to hold it up could be a Brace so... Last Embrace.

13. A terrible, common serifed font is where it’s at when James, The Black Dahlia writer, drinks a malt beverage containing about 6 percent alcohol by volume.
Okay, this is a mouthful of a title. If something is thought of as terrible it’s Bad. A common serifed font could be Times. Where is it at? Well James Ellroy wrote an incredible novel about The Black Dahlia so... Ellroy. A malt beverage containing about 6 percent of alcohol by volume could be an Ale. So... Bad Times At The Ellroy Ale... or more familiarly... Bad Times At The El Royale.

14. After the sixth we have a pinnipedia.
A pinniped or pinnipedia is another term for a Seal. After the sixth must come the Seventh so we have Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal.

And there you go. That’s me done for his year. Please register your interest with me on Twitter if you want me to continue putting these together every year. Thank you all for playing.

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