Sunday, 11 April 2010

Jonah and the Beast Below

Doctor Who: The Beast Below
Airdate: April 10th 2010. UK. BBC1

Okay then. Second story not so great. Intriguing moments like a message from Amy to herself were kind of thrown away. The Doctor was a little more tetchy at points like his William Hartnell and Colin Baker incarnations and ultimately this had the feel of being a bit of a money-saving episode.

Certain people in this household think that Matt Smith has killed Doctor Who stone dead. I don’t subscribe to that... we just need a bit of time to get used to him is how I’m going to positively carry on with this show for a while.

Karen Gillan is so far worth watching for anyway. Amy Pond is brilliant.

The model of the floating UK looked a bit ropey though. Looked a bit like Gerry Anderson or Eiji Tsuburaya when they were still learning their craft. Just a bit dodgy.

From this episode it’s looking like they’re getting into that old Troughton era game of having the end of the episode running into the next one. We’ve got old-school Daleks in the Second World War next. Wonder how long it will take for someone to mention Captain Jack Harkness or do a “Are you my mummy?” reference?

Didn’t think much of the episode and everything you assumed to be a throwaway fact from the first ten minutes turned out to be their “big twist”. Not very satisfying. Was expecting more. Queen Elizabeth 10th was kinda sexy though.

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