Sunday, 6 June 2010

Starry, Starry Pandorica Rising

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor
Airdate: June 5th 2010.

Woohoo! Finally a pretty good episode of Doctor Who in the new series. That makes me feel so much better now.

Ok, I really haven’t got much of a bad thing to say about this one. All the writing and the performances were great and I didn’t even mind the very silly looking giant, invisible parrot.

This episode has all the appearances of being a nice, stand alone character piece... and while I would usually perhaps credit these kind of elements to be the contributing factors on why this was such an entertaining episode... as a viewer with an unfortunate bit of spoilerage locked inside me... I have to say that while this episode is indeed a nice, stand alone character piece as stated above... it’s also something entirely else completely.

Pandorica Rising people! All I’m going to say is... those paintings by Vincent Van Gogh... well they’re a bit inspirational aren’t they? Might give someone some ideas!

Ok... keeping what I know locked tight inside me like the pain of a soon to be earless artist... this paragraph is pure speculation but... did it seem odd to you that in his madness, Vincent went straight from that to being absolutely alright again? Yeah, I know, mood swings. Or did he have a little visitation which hasn’t been revealed yet? I would have expected a show produced by Stephen Moffet who seems to be quite open embrace the darkness would have covered the incident of Van Gogh’s missing ear... perhaps that part of the story is still to come. :-)

Okay... other things that struck me about this almost perfect episode were... was Bill Nighy also playing the Matt Smith incarnation of The Doctor and didn’t tell him? If you’re trapped in one regeneration of The Doctor for a long time, does one begin to age? It’s almost certainly nothing but I think it’s an indication of how giallo-like the programme is becoming. Everything and everyone is suspect to being not quite what it seems until proven otherwise. Like the curious case of Amy Pond. Bet that painting doesn’t say “For Amy” when the prisoner inside the Pandorica explodes and rips through time and space. Hmmm... what something exploding could possibly tear a rip through time and space? Oh... what was that the Doctor pulled out of the hole the other week?

So on now to a really amazingly nonsense sentence actually unless, there’s one near solution. Does a little exciting knowledge send children young but elderly running maniacally ever nowhere?

Blimey that was a strange paragraph I just wrote! What am I going on about? I think I’ll have to get back to that in a couple of weeks time. Think I’ll dedicate that last paragraph to twitter and blog follower flaysome wench ;-)

Ok... so I really liked this episode. Keep them at that kind of quality and Doctor Who will be back on top in no time at all.


  1. Could it be argued that the TARDIS has already been exploded? Maybe what happened with the Dream Lord ended up affecting reality... Maybe I'm talking out of my ass!

  2. Ha and the verification word for my last comment was "ginge", that made me laugh!

  3. Yeah. What is it with the "ginge" thing. Are ginger people just less comfortable within themselves?

  4. No ginger people have the piss taken out of them all the time!!!!!!!

    Upset Redhead

  5. Well the Doctor is still intresting Amy Pond is still too OTT and the stories are still a little childlike...............