Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blogarhythm... One Year On!

Well now... two days ago it seems it was my NUTS4R2 Blog’s One Year Anniversary.

It’s also the One Year Anniversary of when I really got into Twitter properly, as NUTS4R2, and started promoting that blog on there to all and sundry... well, not all... some and sundry I guess. I’ll get back to Twitter later.

I wanted to mark the occasion somehow... and to be honest it would have been a lot better and certainly less slapdash if I’d done so a couple of days ago but I’m going to have to claim extenuating circumstances on that one... I’m not going to tell you what those extenuating circumstances are (hey, I’m still a pretty private person one year on from when I wrote this) so you’ll just have to trust me on this one... if I missed the One Year Anniversary of my own blog because of aforementioned circumstances, or in this case aforementioned extenuating circumstance, then it must have been due to something pretty special and very personal... and it was as it happens.

I didn’t know what to write when I started writing this article... just did my normal thing of “Hey, I’ve got a post to write, better start laying some considered words down and seeing if they have meaning” but now as I get further into it, I realise that I should probably write about the two good things and the one bad thing which writing this blog has brought me over the last year.

I’ll start with the bad thing first because, well you know, I’m kinda a negative person anyway and at least it gets it out of the way.

So firstly... I quite like films and used to watch them whenever possible. As such I could get through somewhere between 300 and 450 movies a year and I used to just eat film like candy and wash it down with the light and shade forever captured in whatever celluloid meal I was devouring. However, now I have to write it up after every movie, TV episode or book, it seems that over the last year I saw just under 200 movies... this is bad and so spending time on here sharing has obviously immensely slowed my viewing habits. Writing about this stuff takes time and, since I work a full-time job it’s not always been easy to keep on top of the blog writing as much as I’d have liked to.

At first, when I realised that my life-long viewing odyssey was slowing I almost began to resent the blog a little bit but then I remembered the two good things... and they far outweigh the slight downer I mentioned above.

Thing 1: I didn’t realise I could write for a very long period and I certainly didn’t realise I could go for as long as this without quitting. I’ve proved to myself that I can write about stuff I love and share that with readers over a sustained period of time and it’s given me a huge confidence boost which, frankly, I needed because I was in a sorry state when I started writing this thing. But more of a confidence boost for me was thing number 2...

Thing 2: Okay, I’ve said this way too many times before possibly but... I’m really grateful to my readers for choosing to spend 5 minutes of their time reading one of my articles... so if you’re reading this... “That means you, stupid!” I’m really touched that you are on here reading this. When I joined up on Twitter to promote this blog I suddenly discovered a whole virtual world of bright souls and the sense of support by the people I’ve found on Twitter is amazing. If you’re reading all of this and you’re also one of my Twitter followers... well thank you again. Thank you to bits! It’s very much appreciated.

So there’s my one slight negative and my two shiny positives but to finish this little epistle to you readers off I’d just like to say that I reread my first ever blog post again tonight and there’s one sentence that hit home and is something that I wish every person who reads this blog might come to experience from here at least once... and here’s the sentence which stuck out for me in terms of my intentions for this little hovel in a corner of cyberspace...

“And I hope... if you decide to continue reading this thing as it progresses, that you find at least a few things of interest to explore yourself.”

And that would be a good thing if some of you take a look at stuff you might never have thought of looking at or allowed yourself to look at before you read a review of it here. If any of you ever have that experience... please share it with me here... I’d love to hear about it.

Normal service will resume soonest with what might be my most negatively received review ever if I’m not careful with my words,

All the best,



  1. What a lovely warm and touching naked blog.

  2. Aw, thanks honey. You're the best extenuating circumstance a guy ever had! xxx

  3. Whoot! Love the naked pic! You've brought me in touch with my inner soundtrack, not to mention a host of soundtracks on a few CDs that I am listening to over and over and over and over again! Many thanks for your blog and presence!

  4. Hey there Bucko! Thanks for the VERY kind words.

    Glad to have got you listening to Goblin by the way. :)

    Really pleased you drop by here now and again. Place wouldn't be the same without you!

  5. Nice chest too, love it and congrats on the 1 year x