Monday, 18 December 2017

NUTS4R2's Cryptic Movie Quiz - Christmas 2017

Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz

It’s that time of year once more when I post my Cryptic Movie Quiz for the Christmas period.

If you look at the grid above you’ll see spaces for 24 movie titles running horizontally and, below this intro, are the cryptic clues to help you work out what these non-Christmas movie titles are. To help you out, I’ve filled in a line of letters downwards spelling out WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS... so you have a letter in its correct position for each of the titles. Click on the grid to see a larger version of it.

Depending on my finances after Christmas... I’ll probably award a small, strange or possibly customised prize (if I know you from Twitter) to the person with the most correct answers, pulled from a hat in the unlikely event of a draw (that's never happened yet).

Email your answers to me at and you have until the end of January 5th 2018 to get your entries in. A few days after that, I’ll stick up the name of the winner (or winners, if it’s a tie), along with all the answers, here on my blog.

By way of an example, here’s a question from last year’s quiz, followed by the answer.

Example question:
None scrambled at the demonstration of the fourteenth letter of the alphabet.

Example answer:
Okay, so the fourteenth letter of the alphabet is ‘n’. A demonstration could be a demo.
So, demon. None unscrambled is neon. So... The Neon Demon.

If you keep checking back at the comments section below, I will probably put the odd clue down there every now and again to help you out.

Full marks are rarely scored so... if you’re feeling a bit stuck, there’s still everything to play for. Send me what you've got anyway.

Hope you enjoy playing and, above all, have fun.

1. You received a new chauffeur for coming first place in that competition.

2. A laboratory test to see if a ringing object can knock you out.

3. I didn’t lose the red back for the lady.

4. You’d be one of these if you were taking the toddler out for a spin.

5. The examination of the religious ending of a British drink is medically assaulted for the thousandth time.

6. Jazz trumpeter wears head gear for the satellite of the apiarist's favourite spread.

7. Your audible, sorrowful breath is covered in hair!

8. Drowned swimming location.

9. Finally, a double consonant for an emasculated Clark Kent.

10. It’s almost a mixed up kangaroo, if you let it defrost.

11. Tab back personified... but not quite a Hobbit.

12. I happen to be a foot.

13. Noah’s 4th vessel comes complete with urban environment.

14. No, I see... this gent is made with the opposite of it’s literal meaning.

15. Cunning but why is it a mix of red and green?

16. A cloned feline.

17. She is the pun!

18. Mutilated drone makes a bad guy.

19. 54A

20. I wish I was dead.

21. A very quiet Lord Of The Rings species makes a hasty retreat.

22. Saw her feller.

23. Journal for you to keep track of the misplaced young lady.

24. Prejudiced against a villanous fantasy race no longer.


  1. First extra clue: An alternative clue for number 29 could have been... 65A.

  2. Second extra clue: Sometimes, when you rearrange a sentence and change a gender specific pronoun, the answer makes itself apparent.

  3. Third extra clue: You can quiten a tree creature with just three letters.

  4. Fourth extra clue: Not a racist but, maybe an...