Sunday, 30 May 2010

Blood and Scales

Doctor Who: Cold Blood
Airdate: May 29th 2010.

Oh come on people. This is really getting to be upsetting. I am so trying to like this new series of Doctor Who and it just keeps getting more and more rubbish.

I can’t believe after the Eccleston and Tennant seasons, which were mostly sensational, turned on TV... we get this. It’s a real let down.

I don’t know if you can call this a review because I can’t quite focus my thoughts on anything major to latch on to. It just seemed a really... I don’t know... mundane mess of an episode.

And then we get this tagged on conclusion with the notorious crack in time and space chasing “our heroes”... and I’m just left confused. Why am I left confused? Because I actually know most of what happens at the end of this series... the whole “plan” and its diabolical coalition of antagonists are not something I am going to reveal out of respect to the creators of this programme... but even knowing what I know, the whole thing still doesn’t make any sense continuity wise.

Ok... so Rory is not just killed off but wiped from existence... but Amy can somehow forget him but remember all the other times this has happened. Funny that.

So future Rory and future Amy were waving at the start of the episode... time passes... enough time for a whole adventure... future Rory has been wiped... and Amy is STILL bloody standing there waving at the end of the story? What? Trainspotter much?

So it’s not okay to take Rory’s body with them because... well... the light is all around him... Um... but it’s okay for the Doctor to put his hand in the light, pull out a part of the exploded TARDIS and put it in his pocket for later. What the heck?

And pardon me... if the crack wiped out all the stuff that happened down there... um... shouldn’t Stephen Moore’s Silurian narrator have stopped commenting on it by the very end of the show... instead of, you know, talking about it in the past tense like he is around to remember it... and that there’s something left from the crack to remember?

Honestly... with this season of the show, Doctor Who has stopped being a family show and gone back to very firmly being a children’s programme. Why? Because only very young children are not going to notice the incredibly bad continuity errors contained in this programme. I am really surprised they’ve let it get like this. Seriously not happy. I hope there’s a way this series can be somehow retro-corrected in a later series. Am I right in thinking the ratings have been steadily dropping? This show needs to get a lot better very fast. Still holding out hope that it can do that.



  1. Totally agree. It's been going downhill since Flesh and Stone (though I liked Amy's Choice) and this last two parter was just awful. It made absolutely no sense and there is an atmosphere of it being just for kids now, which disappoints me. I had such high hopes! Performances are still good though but I'm beginning to seriously dislike Amy

  2. Yeah. But I liked the first part... just got really bad for second part. And to be fair... we have been kinda soiled with the extremely high standard of the show in the previous 5 years.


  3. Ok... I mean't spoiled not soiled. Don't know how to go back in and edit a comment :-(