Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sorry People!

Hi there. Very sorry but I'm just too ill to write any new blogs today. Please check back in a couple of days... I hope to start writing and making up for the time lost this weekend as soon as I feel on the road to recovery.

I'm just in no condition to write just now but hope to be on the mend soon!


  1. What's up with you? Feel better!

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  3. Damaging cough which leaves me gasping for air, splitting headache, achy breaky limbs and muscles, constant sneezing and leakages... in short, that virulent common cold that saw off H. G. Wells martians.

    I can't write properly like this... let alone go to work which is really worrying me. I need to recover before tomorrow. Even just replying to this I keep having to go back 'cause I'm hitting the wrong keys.

    As soon as I get up to speed I'll write a mini review of Amy's Choice... and Pandorum. Right now though I need to get back to that whole sleeping thing.

    But thanks for caring! 'Tis much appreciated.