Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lady and the Vamp!

Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice
Airdate: May 8th 2010. UK. BBC1

Another episode down. Not such a great episode but a little bit better this time around for Matt Smith I reckon.

The latest adventure sees Matt Smith's Doctor taking Amy and her fiancee on a “romantic date” on the eve before their wedding as a way of dealing with Amy’s sexual overtures from the close of last weeks episode. Instead, they get an adventure involving fish creatures posing as vampires looking to destroy Venice in its heyday in order to survive the genocide of their race via what sounds like that same old familiar crack in time which has been following “our heroes” throughout the series. Sounds like the Doctor’s going to have a lot to feel guilty about by the end of this series.

As I said before... not such a great episode. Nothing frightening or gripping or in any way intriguing... but... you have the addition of Rory, Amy’s fiance, as a new companion. And the good news is that, while he’s a solid character, has a go at the Doctor AND has some cleverly written lines... he’s no Amy Pond in the personality stakes. Now Matt Smith has someone he can play off and actually come out on top with and it does seem like his personality is finally beginning to show itself up from under the writing. Think he’s definitely an “angry” Doctor... so perhaps stretching back to William Hartnell’s portrayal in tone somewhat... who turned up in this episode in the form of an old library card of the Doctor’s. Matt Smith has been quite shouty and irate this series. Not something we’ve seen in a while as a major character trait. Think they might want to tone that down a little though if they want the character to remain popular with a generation of viewers where “anger” isn’t in fashion.

Bit, on the fence, on this episode I think.

Let’s see how it progresses.


  1. Spoiler!! We haven't seen it yet, never mind


  2. Well watch the darned thing first and THEN read this page! Besides... there's not much there you can;t already work out very early on in the episodes. I try to write these things relatively spoiler free!