Monday, 3 May 2010

A talking vagina, a talking Christmas Tree and some talking animals...

42nd Street Forever Vol 5:
Alamo Drafthouse Edition 2009 US
Synapse FIlms DVD Region 1

Volume Five of 42nd Street Forever is, in fact, the sixth volume (don’t even ask) of the successful series of exploitation cinema trailer collections. I thought by now that Synapse would have run out of fiendishly entertaining trailers to really bad movies that should never have been made, especially as the last two volumes did seem to drag a little. This edition, however, has been compiled by the crew of the famous Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Austin, Texas and I’m happy to report that this edition is one of the more entertaining entries in the series and it even includes a documentary about the Alamo Drafthouse itself which is worth a watch.

Along with the trailers there are also a few old cinema ads for food but the first little advert is a real humdinger. Folks, if you want to own three minutes of a young, bearded, tennis racket wielding Charlton Heston at the peak of his career explaining to you... the parents of America... just how their screwed up ratings system works... then this is the DVD for you.

And there are some wonderfully messed up trailers for some seriously messed up films on here... Do you want to see a young woman beat up a guy in a martial arts movie to the strains of Bernard Hermmann’s overture from North By Northwest? Then check out the trailer for Sting of the Dragon Masters. Do you want to see some people “Ninja’d to death” and learn how young female Ninjas are trained in their deadly arts by having them wear bikini’s while mud wrestling? Then the trailer for “A Life Of Ninja” is for you. Do you want to see the trailer for a movie that is a remake/homage/rip-off of that French movie about the woman with the talking vagina? Chatterbox.

A science fiction/horror movie called The Terrornauts starring... Charles Hawtrey? A sex comedy murder mystery starring Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson, Telly Savalas, Roddy McDowall and a whole bunch of naked cheerleaders called Pretty Maids All In A Row? They’re all here!

A rip-off of Ridley Scott’s Alien movie incorporating naked women raped by mutant space worms? Mindwarp is for you.

I could go on... there are over 40 entertainingly bad trailers here to some terrible movies... and I only own one of those actual movies myself (mental note to self... “So far!”).

It even has a Franco Nero trailer!

And now... a few words culled from the front cover of this DVD...

“Vigilante Killers!”... “Weird Mutants!”... “Heroes With Beards!”... “Busty Barbarians!”... “Babes and Beer!”

An obvious Christmas present then, for any pesky intellectual friends you may know! If you like trailer collections, then this is one of the good ones. Miss it at your peril!

Today’s blog is dedicated to the humble exclamation mark!

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  1. Yes! Franco Nero!! What an actor of immense stage presence!!!!!! And he's not arrogant too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!