Sunday, 30 May 2010

Land of Hope and Gory!

Zombieland 2009 US
Directed by Ruben Fleischer
Sony Pictures DVD Region 2

Been a little while since I saw Zombieland at the cinema... so thought I’d make a purchase while it’s still at Tesco’s chart prices and give it a spin.

Still a good movie. Well written dialogue and a friendly voice over narrative give this film a charm you wouldn’t expect. Also, the characters, while not completely fully developed (it’s 84 mins and it’s a zombie movie people!), are actually quite well fleshed out and they are well enough performed by the leads to make you care about what happens to these people.

It has kind of a buckshot humour to the jokes... they’re not all good but there’s so many of them thrown around that some of them are bound to hit. Bill Murray’s cameo turns into something very obvious, very quickly, but it’s okay. He doesn’t outstay his welcome and it’s nice to hear the Ghostbusters song again in a movie.

Nice set up for a sequel, quite a bit of heart in it... this one deserved to be the success it was at the box office. A gentle, zombie comedy.

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