Thursday, 29 September 2011

Zombie Strippers

Bare To The Bone

Zombie Strippers 2008 USA
Directed by Jay Lee
Sony Region 2 DVD

Well... what can I say about Zombie Strippers which is in any way going to change the image that the mind conjures up when you first glance at the title? Well, not much probably but... that's okay because Zombie Strippers is a movie which, not surprisingly, does exactly what it says on the tin. I say, not surprisingly, but I watched this movie on the same day that I saw Big Tits Zombie 3D (my review is here) and there were some definite problems with that title only delivering seperate elements of what was on the tin, rather than an amalgamation of the two as implied. Also, Bit Tits Zombie 3D cost a whopping £5 from Fopp records, whereas they were only charging £2 for Zombie Strippers... not that this influenced my decision to purchase this at this time, obviously. ;-)

Zombie Strippers, though not nearly as “out there” as the aforementioned Japanese movie, is actually quite an entertaining little piece of modern B-movie mayhem. Anyone who knows the title of the film before they go in is expecting it to be trashy and it certainly doesn’t dissapoint in terms of the naked bodies on display (which include legendary porn actress Jenna Jameson as the principal stripper in Robert Englund’s illegal strip club)... nor on the gore, which is as strong as you’d expect in a contemporary zombie film.

The story starts off with a crack team of “the best of the best” US soldiers going into an experimental research facility and getting half wiped out by zombies. One of the freshly bitten soldiers, knowing his fellow soldiers will kill him, runs away but wanders into a strip club and eventually assaults Jenna Jameson when she is doing her strip act... and when I say assault I mean tear the front of her throat out with his teeth. it looks like it’s all over for Jenna but, just as the nightclub workers are trying to figure out how to best hide her body and not draw police or military attention, Jenna gets back up again and, unlike the zombies we’ve already seen in the movie, goes back to doing what she does best... stripping on stage with her new zombie powers (zombie strippers can apparently do superstrong gymnastic, bad-stunt-double-summersault style dance moves and spin themselves around that darned pole like nobody’s busiiness, it would seem).

This act is so good for the customers and so good for the strip club owners’ business in comparison to the normal girl’s antics that he turns a blind eye when his new zombie-gal starts eating the odd customer after her act. Meanwhile, the other girls are getting restless and want in on the action, and so with the help of Jenna’s zombie stripper, they start to become undead strippers too. Just quite why none of these gals is purely interested in eating people as opposed to getting naked and prancing about on a stage isn’t satisfactorarily explained but it’s entertaining enough and makes for a fun film.

Things obviously can’t go on for very long and things come to a head when Jenna Jameson and her nearest zombie stripper" rival start tearing each other apart on stage while the rest of the military arrive to clean the place up. Everything gets taken care of and I’m not able to really give you any spoilers I’m afraid because, even though I only watched it a week ago, I’ve already forgotten the ending to the movie. It wasn’t a let down or anti-climax though otherwise it would have stuck in my memory for longer.

Zombie Strippers is another entry into the genre of films with a certain hip self awaereness of their own silliness and which are happy to display that with a certain tongue in cheek attitude which almost (watch out Robert England!) but not quite crosses into the realm of “camp”. Actually, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it has it’s tongue firmly planted in soneone elses cheek... and it’s latching on with the teeth and having a good chew. I was certainly please I purchased it to give it a spin (hey, I’m rarely dissapointed when I pay for a DVD and it only costs me two quid) and if you’re into trashy, horror movies with lots of naked female flesh, gory zombie effects and military style “bullet hit” shenannigans then you surely won’t be dissapointed in this one. And seriously folks... at two quid you can’t go wrong!


  1. Sheesh - what are you watching!? I mean the titles are brilliant - Zombie Strippers? Bit Tit Zombies? ... almost as good as "Hobo with a shotgun" :-)

  2. Ha!

    Well I'm watching trash obviously. And don't worry, the hobo With A Shotgun review is written (but as yet untweaked for grammar/spelling) and should be going up in the next week or two.

    Bought a movie for £3 the other day called Chanbara Stripper... naked samurai ladies sounds good but it won't be a patch on Reiko Ike doing the same in both Sex & Fury and Female Yakuza Tale.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Appreciated!

  3. You had me at Jenna Jameson lol...
    I'm trying to create a mini horror schlock fest for Halloween this year and I think I've just found the main attraction. :)

  4. Hey there lady! Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a comment, it's well appreciated.

    By the way, if you don't mind me saying so... looking at your profile, I reckon you'll like the movie I'm putting up a review for later in the week called Room In Rome!

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

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