Monday 4 January 2016

The 2015 Cryptic Movie Quiz Winners And Answers


Cryptic Movie Quiz Winners Answers 2015

Thanks, as always, to everyone who took part in this year’s Cryptic Movie quiz. It’s much appreciated.

This year, for the first time in the four years I’ve been doing this annual quiz post, we have two winners who are winning this thing for the second time. To boot, they also managed to get all 16 answers correct. They should probably both be worried that they think like me so well.

The winners are:

Alex Kittle


Miles Donovan

Alex Kittle is an amazing artist and one of my all time favourite bloggers. She writes about art and movies while also doing some great, often film based, illustrations and designs. You can follow her on Twitter here and check out her blog here.

Miles Donovan
is an artist/designer/blogger who does amazing things with lots of technically complicated 'stuff'. You can follow him on Twitter here and see some of his wonderful creations at his alter ego The Daily Robot here.

You should definitely check out their sites when you get a minute. A very weird and wonderful prize is winging itself to them from The Mighty Amazon as I type this.

As to the answers and how you arrive at them... please remember this is a bit of fun so some of the spelling obviously needs to be changed based on the phonetics of the situation.


1.  The missing planet.
Another word for missing could be lost. Another word for planet could be world. So the answer is The Lost World.

2.  The fifth letter of the alphabet has its superhero costume cliché removed.
The fifth letter of the alphabet is E. But E’s superhero costume cliché has been removed. So its cape has gone. So... No E’s Cape... No Escape.

3.  A sudden, nervous muscular spasm aided by a really great external skeleton, renting a room with the precious metal that it’s married.

Okay... so a nervous muscular spasm is a nervous tic. It has an external skeleton... also known as an exoskeleton. So exotic. Really great could mean the best. You rent a room at a hotel. A precious metal is gold. If you marry it that would be marry gold. So... The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

4. Massive soundtrack to accompany the lift (US: elevator) on its journey.
A lift or elevator travels up and down a shaft. A massive soundtrack could be a big score. So... Shaft’s Big Score.

5.  Yesterday Air, Today Sea...
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Land, sea and air. So... Tomorrowland.

6.  Bending her to your will... but not quite.
So not quite a case of Bend Her but Ben Hur.

7.  A Macauly Caulkin movie interrupts a young lady’s evening stroll.
A Macauly Caulkin movie is Home Alone. A young lady’s evening stroll means she’s walking at night so... A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

8.  Put your BFG on the floor.
Back in the day, BFG in computer gaming terms meant Big F***ing Gun. Put it on the floor and you put it down. So... The Big Gundown.

9.  The last curve of a backside looks just like a planet.
Another name for backside is arse (or ass, I believe, in the US). The last curve of it would be the ending. So arse ending. A name of a planet could be Jupiter so... Jupiter Ascending.

10. Ten down from Wolverine, Cyclops, Ice Man and the others.
Or nine down depending on how you count and if you saw my clarification. Well Wolverine, Cyclops and Ice Man are part of the X-Men. Nine or ten down from x would be the letter o. So... The Omen.

11. More than casual acquaintance of the United Nations loses life.
The United Nations is also known as the UN. A more than casual acquaintance would be a friend. If that casual acquaintance loses their life they would be dead. So... Unfriended.

12. Thinner was a great book by Stephen King but... what King book came out after it?
The next book King released after Thinner was IT. If it came out after IT then that means... It Follows.

13. Go back in your den with a firearm.
A firearm could be a rifle. The word den backwards is ned so... Ned Rifle.

14. The tip of a candle protruding from the top of the toilet.
A slang name for toilet in some countries is John. The tip of a candle is its wick so... John Wick.

15. The father of the satchel was stolen by this character.
Old style spelling as the first few versions of this movie here. A satchel is a type of bag. The father of a bag could be a bag dad. If it’s stolen it's taken by a thief so... The Thief Of Bagdad.

16. The dirt from this Apple Macified piece of Real Estate.
A piece of dirt could be earth. Real Estate is a piece of land usually. Apple Macified? Well there’s iMac, iPod, iPad so... iLand. So the answer is 1950s sci fi movie This Island Earth.

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