Tuesday 22 December 2020

NUTS4R2’s Cryptic Movie Quiz - Christmas 2020

Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz

So here we are again already. Time for this year’s Cryptic Movie Quiz for the festive period.

How you solve it...
Peruse the grid above and you’ll see spaces for 14 movie titles running horizontally and, below this intro, are the cryptic clues to assist you in working out what these 'non-Christmas' movie titles are. To help out, I’ve filled in a line of letters vertically downwards spelling out MERRY CHRISTMAS... so you have a letter in its correct position for each of the titles. Please don’t forget to click on the grid to see a larger version of it and maybe print it off to help yourself.

Email your answers to me at nuts4r2@hotmail.com before January 9th 2020 to get your entries in. A few days after that, I’ll stick up the name of the winner (or winners, if it’s a tie or a group effort), along with all the answers, here on my blog.

By way of an example, here’s a question from last year’s quiz, followed by the answer...

Example question:
Ellie isn’t around as this pachyderm takes over from Peter Lorre as a Fritz Lang serial killer.

Example answer:
A pachyderm could be an ELEPHANT. Take ELLIE or ELE out and you’re just left with PHANT. If it replaces Peter Lorre in the title role of the serial killer in Fritz Lang’s M, you get "As M". So the answer when you put it all together is Don Coscarelli’s classic horror film PHANTASM.

Or just check out the January solution pages from the last few years to get a feel for how to put these things together. If you keep checking back at the comments section below, I will probably put the odd extra clue down there every now and again to help you out through the Christmas period.

Full marks are rarely scored by everyone so... if you’re feeling a bit stuck, there’s still everything to play for. Send me what you’ve got anyway.

I hope you enjoy playing. Make sure you have lots of fun this Christmas period, drink responsibly and play irresponsibly but, don’t catch Covid. And here are the questions...

1. I’m calm as Godzilla.

2. More than nine aliens.

3. Miss Te Kanawa and her friend Harry.

4. How hard was this aquatic bird?

5. Many stories but, not completely cryptic.

6. This is the hundredth rash I’ve got from those reversible rats!

7. I guess that’s what you get to bug you when you scramble to harm!

8. Famous Liverpudleon percussionist gets weaponised.

9. Artifical Intelligence gets all backwards with fives.

10. Sheriff Ross, go back and get your men.

11. Not a very heavy home.

12. Oh no! Kim’s red!

13. It’s only half okay. Why Dan?

14. Get Frank something to hold his beer in.


  1. Extra clue 1: One of these is of a much fuller material than the others.

  2. Extra clue 2: Question 6 involves a Roman Numeral.

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  4. Extra Clue 3: There are three classics of Japanese cinema on this list.

  5. Extra Clue 4: Question nine also contains two Roman numerals.