Thursday, 23 December 2021

Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz 2021


Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz 2021

And already it’s time for this year’s
Cryptic Movie Quiz for the festive period.

How you play...

 Check out the grid above and you’ll see spaces for 16 movie titles running horizontally and, below this intro, are the cryptic clues to assist you in working out what these 'non-Christmas' movie titles are. To help out, I’ve filled in a line of letters vertically downwards spelling out SEASON’S GREETINGS... so you have a letter in its correct position for each of the titles. Please don’t forget to click on the grid to see a larger version of it and maybe print it off to help yourself.

Email your answers to me at before January 9th 2021 to get your entries in. A few days after that, I’ll stick up the name of the winner (or winners, if it’s a tie or a group effort)... along with all the answers... here on my blog. Again, there are no prizes offered as I used to do because, well, times are hard but, if you like solving puzzles, give it a go.

By way of an example, here’s a question from
last year’s quiz, followed by the answer...

Example question:
Sheriff Ross, go back and get your men.

Example answer:
Ross backwards is Ssor. A sheriff’s men are usually called a Posse.
So the answer is Brandon Cronenberg's movie POSSESSOR.

Or just check out the January solution pages from the last few years to get a feel for how to put these things together. If you keep checking back at the comments section below, I will probably put the odd extra clue down there every now and again to help you out through the Christmas period.

Full marks are rarely scored by everyone so... if you’re feeling a bit stuck, there’s still everything to play for. Send me what you’ve got anyway.

I hope you enjoy playing. Make sure you have lots of fun this Christmas period, drink responsibly and play irresponsibly but, don’t catch Covid! And here are the questions...

1. Take a detailed look at the bed linen that backwards lad brought in!

2. Travelling atop the back of the European Community.

3. A gap situated between two of their typical structures for this
large body of beavers united by common descent, history or culture.

4. An ion passes through... it’s one of many similarly unlawful acts.

5. The perfect fusion of VHS and homo sapien.

6. Shoo! It was a bit of a scramble yesterday evening.

7. It’s solely an alliance of frozen water.

8. The first games player is a militarised ant of a behemoth.

9. Not a light person to pull your stranded vehicle away.

10. The backwards glance.

11. The act of devouring the coverings on top of her fingers.

12. I’m dreaming of a Shark Father Christmas!

13. ... as sunlight power does!

14. It’s crimson... negative on the frozen water.

15. Had all the violence and bloodshed taken out of it.

16. Carnal relations at the Overlook Hotel.


  1. Extra Clue No 1: This year's movie answers include a film each by directors Jess Franco, Sam Fuller, Ken Russel and Edgar Wright!

  2. Extra Clue No 2: One of these films was re-released last year in a much changed form.

  3. Extra Clue No 3: One of these is a classic Hammer Horror film.