Thursday 11 January 2018

Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz Answers

And the winner is...

It’s that time of year again to reveal both this year’s winner of my, apparently quite fiendish, Annual Cryptic Movie Quiz and, of course, to give you the answers.

Once again, let me extend my thanks to all the readers and supporters who had a go and, as always, I hope you had some fun trying to crack these.

This year we have a complete newcomer to the competition as our winner so, without further ado, let me say congratulations to...

Nicholas Walker

... who was the only person this year to come up with a completely correct full house of answers.

You can check out his twitter here @narwalker and his letterboxed account here...

He also writes reviews here at and, as he puts it, ‘blithering nonsense’ at So... check out his stuff at some point soon.

Okay, so here we go with the answers... don’t kick yourselves too hard. ;-)

1. You received a new chauffer for coming first place in that competition.
If you come first place in a competition you WIN. A chauffer is a DRIVER that you won so... Win Driver... re-split the words to... WIND RIVER.

2. A laboratory test to see if a ringing object can knock you out.
Okay so, a ringing object could be a BELL. A knock out is often abbreviated to KO. A laboratory test is an EXPERIMENT so... Bell KO Experiment... THE BELKO EXPERIMENT.

3. I didn’t lose the red back for the lady.
If you didn’t lose, you WON. Red backwards is DER. A lady is more than often a WOMAN. So WONDER WOMAN.

4. You’d be one of these if you were taking the toddler out for a spin.
If you were taking a toddler out for a spin in your car you’d be a BABY DRIVER.

5. The examination of the religious ending of a British drink is medically assaulted for the thousandth time.
An examination is a TEST. A religious ending to something like a prayer would be AMEN. A British drink is TEA (let’s call it T). So TESTAMENT so far. Medically assaulted might be DR ABUSE. Slip in the Roman numeral for 1000 in the middle... M, so DOCTOR M ABUSE... THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE.

6. Jazz trumpeter wears head gear for the satellite of the apiarist's favourite spread.
Head gear would be HAT. A jazz trumpeter could be CHET Baker. So HATCHET. The MOON is a satellite. An apiarist’s favourite spread is presumably HONEY so... HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON.

7. Your audible, sorrowful breath is covered in hair!
An audible, sorrowful breath is a SIGH. If you are covered in hair it could be FUR. SIGH FUR... CYPHER.

8. Drowned swimming location.
DEAD in the POOL then, I guess. DEADPOOL.

9. Finally, a double consonant for an emasculated Clark Kent.
Finally would be LAST. Clark Kent is SUPERMAN. Emasculated would get rid of the MAN. Stick a double consonant in their would give you SUPPER. So... THE LAST SUPPER.

10. It’s almost a mixed up kangaroo, if you let it defrost.
If you let something defrost then you THAW it. A mixed up KANGAROO is almost RAGNAROK so... THOR RAGNAROK.

11. Tab back personified... but not quite a Hobbit.
Tab backwards is BAT. Personify it and you could end up with BATMAN. A famous Hobbit was BAGGINS but, it’s not quite that so change it a little to get... BATMAN BEGINS.

12. I happen to be a foot.
A foot is something at the END of a LEG so... I AM LEGEND.

13. Noah’s 4th vessel comes complete with urban environment.
Noah’s ARK. Fourth vessel along could be 'D' ARK so... DARK. An urban environment is a CITY. So... DARK CITY.

14. No, I see... this gent is made with the opposite of it’s literal meaning.
A gent is a MAN. Something which is used as the opposite of its literal meaning could be IRONIC. No, I see... No IC so, not IRONIC but IRON. Giving you IRON MAN.

15. Cunning but why is it a mix of red and green?
Cunning like a FOX. Mix red and green paint and you should get BROWN if you’re doing it right so... FOXY BROWN.

16. A cloned feline.

17. She is the pun!
She is the pun. THE PUN IS HER... THE PUNISHER.

18. Mutilated drone makes a bad guy.
Mutilate the word DRONE by taking out a letter, putting a stop in and rearranging the letters to give you famous Bond bad guy DR. NO.

19. 54A
This clue would also work as 65A.
Split it into number and letters... 5 4 A. Express the digits as Roman numerals V and IV. Then add the A to get Anna Biller’s VIVA.

20. I wish I was dead.
That would be a DEATH WISH.

21. A very quiet Lord Of The Rings species makes a hasty retreat.
A Lord Of The Rings species could be an ENT. Quieten it down to make it SILENT. Making a hasty retreat implies it’s RUNNING so SILENT RUNNING.

22. Saw her feller.

23. Journal for you to keep track of the misplaced young lady.
A journal is usually a DIARY. A young lady is a GIRL. If she’s misplaced then she's probably LOST so DIARY OF A LOST GIRL.

24. Prejudiced against a villanous fantasy race no longer.
If you’re prejudiced against race then you’re a racist. If you’re prejudiced against an ORC then you’re an ORCIST. No longer means you’re EX that so... THE EXORCIST.

So there you have it. Truly hope all of you that played enjoyed racking your brains as much as I did to put this together. Hopefully this tradition will carry on again at the end of the year but, in the meantime, lots of reviews coming up soon.

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