Sunday 21 December 2014

Annual Movie Quiz for Christmas

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Cryptic Movie Title 
Quiz for Christmas

Hello and welcome to my annual Movie Quiz for the festive season.

As I've done for the last two years, I've put up this Christmas Quiz based on a movie theme for people who like that kind o’ thing and enjoy a small challenge at this festive time of year.

For 2014, I’ve gone for something a little more net proof. Some of you may find these hard while others, I suspect, may find them a lot easier than previous years.

If you look at the grid above you’ll see spaces for 14 movie titles running across the page from left to right... and below are the cryptic clues to help you work out what the titles are. To help you out further, I’ve filled in a line of letters downwards spelling out Merry Christmas, so you have a letter in its correct position for each of the titles (three of which are from movies released in cinemas just this year).

No prizes up for grabs here, just the honour of getting first place and getting shouted out here on the blog when I put the answers up.

Email your answers to me at and you have until the end of New Year’s Day (January 1st 2015) to get your entries in. After that, I’ll stick up the name of the winner (or winners if it’s a tie), along with all the answers, here on my blog.

By way of an example, here’s a question followed by the answer.

Example question:
Jazz singer Fitzgerald bleats couple of times like a sheep.

Example working and answer:
Jazz singer Fitzgerald was Ella Fitzgerald. A sheep says Baa. If sheep says it twice that’s Baa Baa. So we have Baa Baa and Ella. The film title I’m looking for must be... Barbarella.

Please note, these are not all one word titles. Some are a few words etc.

Hope you like it and, above all, have fun.

The Questions.

1.  One up on stereoscopic sound for your old gun. 18 letters.

2.  You keep banging on about a third of a dog! 10 letters.

3.  Wolverine beats a hasty retreat. 9 letters.

4. An appendage worth its weight. 10 letters.

5.  It’s just those really passionate about each other that can still lay claim to existence. 19 letters.

6.  It’s a bit of a wreck. 3 letters.

7.  Plasma made fit for a king. 13 letters.

8.  One thousand quid for rooms to rent for that annoying, enlightened soul. 21 letters.

9.  The masculine French takes the applause... and then it’s all downhill in the snow. Just make sure you do it large.  14 letters.

10. Sometimes you need to get away from filing down all that cheese. 14 letters.

11. Common sense replaced by a beer holder in one of three wise men’s gifts. 12 letters.

12. Tripping Homo Sapien reaches Terra Firma. 20 letters.

13. Legal payments for bed and board in Western Asia. 16 letters.

14. Arrived at a correct conjecture about this person without any real evidence. 8 letters.


  1. Okay. Here's the first of the "extra hints/clues" I promised you all in my Christmas 2014 post...

    "You know, you'd need to be in possession of something pretty basic to be able to listen to proper stereophonic sound."

  2. Time for another clue to one of the questions.

    "Now let's see. Superman is Clark Kent. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Batgirl is (or was) Barbara Gordon. So..."

  3. Another clue for you...

    "Questions 5, 8 and 14 are all movies that were released in cinemas this year."

  4. And another clue:

    "Even royalty needs somewhere to rule from."

  5. Last clue:

    "It isn't Lassie."